Get Google Maps Api Key for Website


Here I will explain how to generate Google map api key for website or create Google maps api key for localhost website or get Google maps api key for website .


If we want to use Google maps in website first we need to get api key from Google for that you need to follow below steps

First open the APIs Console page at and log in with your Google Account. Whenever you open above url it will show like as shown below

Now click on Create project once login click on the Services link from the left-hand menu.

Once open Services tab check for Google Maps API v3 and click on “off” to activate that service in the next screen select conditions and click “Accept” button.

Now Click on API Access link from the left-hand menu. Once if it opens Your API key is available from the API Access page, in the Simple API Access section. In that Maps API applications click on Create new Browser key button >> in next window give url of your application and click Create

Once we got the key Simple API Access section will show data like as shown below

This way we can generate Google MAP API key to use this key to integrate in websites.